The KPTC Bursary Award Scheme


This bursary only applies to people who work or live in the county of Kent.



5. bench-560435_960_720The KPTC Bursary Award Scheme can help you achieve new and better employment opportunities with independent assessment and certification, compliance of current legislation and recognition of skills.





Awards Available include:8. straw-895373_960_720

  • Pesticides and Related Qualifications
  • Forestry, Chainsaw and Arboriculture Qualifications
  • Craftsmanship in Agriculture & Horticulture
  • General Machinery Qualifications
  • Horticultural Machinery Qualifications
  • Animal Welfare and Related Qualifications
  • Manual Handling Qualifications
  • Plant Machinery Qualifications
  • Power Line Clearance Qualifications

For more details on how the scheme works and how to apply, read on…